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About us

MELIma is the essence of our care for beekeeping.
It is not just a work but a tradition that continues a legacy which our grandparents passed to us to improve it and to develop it. And this commitment became inspiration and helper in this new series of high-quality pure honey products bearing the MELIma name.
Our products are 100% natural and are produced by a traditional family business headquartered in Paliouri, a small village in Halkidiki.
In our effort to achieve the demanding target, to make our dream come true and bring you the unique quality of our products, we travel across country several times moving the hives to produce different types of honey with different properties and a unique taste.

Try every available honey variety
and find your favorite

We produce a lot of honey varieties to provide you with uniquely different tastes from all over Greece.

Every year, we have available large quantities of Pine, Orange, wildflower, chestnut and heather honey.

Honey Seasons

Apiculture requires continuous care all year long.

Every season brings blooming to different flowers, and given the climate difference within the Greek land, blossoming doesn't occur at the same time.

We do our best, travelling around Greece and placing our beehives in specific spots in order to fully harness the potential of the bees and bring you the best, most pure product of nature.


Our annual production can meet large orders.

Spring is a great season for the bees, with gradually rising temperatures and good percentage of humidity. On the months of spring, bees fly over pines and wildflowers. In other regions with warmer climate, they fly over citrus trees.

Pine honey has intense aroma, thick texture, moderate concentration of sugars and dark brown colors.

It is usually very aromatic and makes for a neutral choice that most people love. Due to its relatively low concentration of sugars, it takes a lot of time to crystallize.

Orange blossom honey on the other hand, has a pleasant distinctive citrus smell and taste, it has a very thin, water like texture and yellow-orange color. The sugar concentration is very high which makes it, the most easily to crystalize, honey. Overall, it’s an exciting culinary experience for both its friends who love it as well as those who experience its taste for the first time.

The hot and dry summer months may be hard for the bees but also cause the blossoming of wildflowers full of nectar.

In the first days of summer, the wildflower honey has a high concentration of sugars that makes it prone to crystallization at low winter temperatures. It has intense aromas and greater liquidity than the pine honey. Depending on the flowers it derives from, its color is usually dark to light amber.

In the coolness of northern Greece, the bees find shelter in the midsummer heat, giving us dark honey from chestnuts, oaks and other trees. The Chestnut honey combines distinctive black, thick texture and intense spicy flavor, making it particularly popular to it fans and causing a pleasant surprise to those who experience it for the first time.

In the last summer days, the bees visit once again the pine forests to produce summer pine honey, with similar properties to spring's pine honey, but with a slightly different taste, attributed to different blooming flora around.

Autumn is the time when the climate gradually begins to cool and the first rains bring flourish of Heathers.

Areas of heather in northern Halkidiki give bees a chance to prepare for the winter and to give us yet another amazing flower honey.

The heather honey has a very intense aroma and distinctive flavor that is difficult to forget for anyone who has tried it. Sugars, due to its origin of flowers, have a high concentration thus making it prone to crystallization. It has a dark color, moderate liquidity and a lot of fans. Its production is relatively rare, due to the nature of the plant which requires very specific climatic conditions at the right time.

Characteristics & & properties

Honey exhibits different properties depending on the kind. The common properties shared by all types are beneficial to the human body.

They help the metabolism and regulate insulin production while reducing weight.

They have antiseptic and antibacterial properties and help in healing of wounds and skin injuries. They have anti-inflammatory action with any use.

They help in reducing stomach acidity and act against stomach ulcers and constipation.

Propolis, known as "antibiotic of nature" is a natural product with antiseptic, antioxidant, therapeutic, antimicrobial, antibiotic and anti-viral properties. It contributes to the management and treatment of buccal wounds and the respiratory organs and improves blood circulation.;

Furthermore, it may be used for gargles enhancing hygiene of the oral cavity.

Also helps to strengthen the body's natural defenses to cope with the symptoms of the common cold and can be used locally to help the regeneration and healing of the skin.

It also helps fight fungal infections and in the treatment of ulcer and prostate problems.

Natural beeswax is used to treat arthritis, inflammations, in various skin diseases and bronchial asthma.

It has antibacterial properties, it is used in facial and body creams because it’s substances help hydrate the skin and heal the sun damage and the wounds. It protects against premature aging, stomach ulcers and rheumatism due to its anti-inflammatory action.

The applications are endless and its use may be external to salves with other ingredients to enhance their action or internal consumption with comb honey. It has been observed that the wax sealing the filled cells has increased antimicrobial properties.

MELIma Packaging

MELIma products are available in retail and wholesale packages starting from 30g and reaching 26kg.
* The quantities available vary depending on the production.

At wholesale orders, the delivery depends on readily available quantity of packaged products and by the volume of the order.

Partnership info

MELIma products are available in retail and wholesale packages starting from 30g and reaching 26kg.
* The quantities available vary depending on the production.

At wholesale orders, the delivery depends on readily available quantity of packaged products and by the volume of the order.

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